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Reduce expenditure and increase revenue

Reduce operating costs and increase revenue from water-related services<br>

We develop the intelligence of your network to enable you to control your costs and optimise your revenues: 
  • Install advanced remote meter reading solutions equipped with the latest technologies such as long-range VHF transmitters, UHF transmitters and iMeters for high-quality data transmission. 
  • Implement more accurate consumption control to improve network operations and achieve cost-efficiency.
  • Collect and centralise data gathered by the smart meters thanks to our data management software. 
  • Enable daily analysis of the data collected to identify unexpected consumption and detect leaks. 
  • Set customised alerts based on leakage indicators or agreed usage thresholds to manage your network in real time. 

Optimise investments and avoid commercial losses through the renewal of meter technologies

By accurately measuring and invoicing customers’ actual water consumption, we help limit commercial losses: 
  • Evaluate the state of your meters using available data and innovative technologies. 
  • Monitor strategic meters (production, distribution and major customers) for an accurate overview of distribution system performances and metered water volumes.
  • Quantify commercial and metering losses, identifying causes and estimating recoverable revenue.
  • Define an asset management strategy for your meters over the medium and long term.
  • Establish a detailed and prioritized meter renewal plan to better manage your investments.
  • Minimise the financial impact of initial investment through a payment schedule aligned with the recovery plan.
  • Reduce meter purchase costs and metering supply costs through economies of scale.
  • Select the most adapted and most cost-effective meters. 
  • Meet contractual commitments and regulatory obligations related to meter asset management.
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