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Improve your operational efficiency

We provide you solutions to secure production continuity and plant flexibility, reduce electricity production costs and improve plant efficiency, and at the closure of the power plant, reduce costs and risks of non-compliance.

Reduce your risks and optimise your costs

During the production phase of the power plant, assure production continuity and plant flexibility:

  • Consulting (risk management, safety, etc.)
  • Water quality (equipment, conditioning, etc.)
  • Operation and maintenance of the water services
  • Waste & ash collection, sorting and transformation
  • Video inspections
  • Chemical solutions for process (boilers and cooling)
  • Solutions for contamination risk (legionella, NF...)
  • Well & water network asset management
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[Video] Northern California Power Agency (NCPA)

NCPA selected SUEZ as a single-source provider to design and supply an integrated water treatment solution consisting of four water treatment systems for its new 300 MW combined cycle natural gas power plant in Lodi, California.

Reduce electricity production costs and improve plant efficiency

  • Energy savings in the water cycle
  • Optimized use of chemicals for asset protection and plant efficiency
  • High pressure pipe cleaning
  • Refurbishment and upgrade of water plants
  • Mobile units
  • Cooling and boiler treatment

Access to a remote 24/7 monitoring of your critical assets

InSight, our customized digital offer, allows you to have:

  • a 24/7 supervision of your asset,
  • a remote control of key parameters and chemical stock ensure reliability.

At any time, you can assess and monitor your needs to attain optimal performance.

Reduce costs and risks of non-compliance for partial or total decommissioning of power plants

At the closure of the power plant, reduce costs and risks of non-compliance of complete or partial dismantling operations:

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