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Industrial effluent treatment

Industrial sites generate wastewater which crucially requires suitable treatment. This is to ensure that industrial activities cause no harm to the natural environment. The particular nature of industrial effluents is their diversity. Treatment processes must therefore be adapted to each industry. SUEZ proposes on-site and off-site solutions that can handle a wide diversity of polluting agents by adapting to the configuration of each site.

On-site treatment

Treatment of large diversity of polluting agents in industrial effluents

We recommend treatment processes that are suited to the nature of the effluents, we determine avenues of optimisation and deliver facility operation and maintenance based on best practices.

Off-site treatment

Manage effluent treatment without building new facilities on site

We propose a custom offer which can be adapted to your production needs and enables you to benefit from the quality of a water treatment plant without the need to invest. Effluent collection and treatment are done externally to your operations.

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