In Australia, SA Water renews its trust in SUEZ to provide production and treatment water and wastewater services to the Adelaide metropolitan area

➢ 170 million euros over five years.

South Australia Water (SA Water), the State government enterprise in Australia, renews its trust in the SUEZ Group with a new Alliance contract for the production and treatment water and wastewater services to metropolitan Adelaide, the fifth largest city in the country. The successful bid, worth 170 million euros over five years, will begin in July 2021 and will see SUEZ operate five drinking water and five wastewater treatment plants catering to the needs of around one million people.
SUEZ’s approach will feature a local industry participation plan with initiatives to transform the contract into tangible economic and socioeconomic benefits for the community. As part of this plan, an ambitious business improvement program that aims to achieve sustainable savings will be supported by the implementation of smart solutions developed by the Group, including the AQUADVANCED® suite, SUEZ’s innovative digital tool dedicated to securing drinking water and improving the overall performance of production systems and distribution networks, while contributing to reducing the ecological impact on the environment.


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