The Syndicat Pic et Etang awards SUEZ the first contract in France for the operation of a waste-to-energy plant incorporating waste reduction targets

On Thursday, May 11, 2023, Fabrice Fenoy, CEO of Syndicat Pic et Etang, and Antoine Bousseau, Managing Director of Services to Local Authorities for SUEZ’ Recycling and Recovery business, unveiled an unprecedented partnership for the operation of OCTAV, the Lunel-Viel waste-to-energy plant (Hérault department). As the first partnership of this type in France, the contact aims to cut the volume of waste incinerated by 25% over the space of 10 years through an ambitious waste prevention policy.
Fabrice Fenoy, CEO of Syndicat Pic et Etang, commented: “In Lunel-Viel, we are going to do something that’s revolutionary, unique in France: we’re going to stop burning water. Today, in our dustbins, our incinerable waste is mixed up with apple cores, yoghurts past their sell-by date, and cucumber peelings. This means that we are using dustbin lorry fuel to transport biowaste mainly made up of water… to an incinerator. It is time to put an end to this environmental, technical and economic absurdity. In this contract, which is unique in France, we have reversed the equation. Traditionally, we ask the partner to burn as many tonnes as possible, as cheaply as possible. Here, we are asking them to help us burn less! The more tonnage they divert away from the incinerator, the more they earn. This is why this pioneering contract in France is accompanied by a powerful waste prevention programme.”.