Athletes' Village for the 2024 Games: SOLIDEO selects the SUEZ Group for its innovative urban air treatment solutions

As part of the construction of the Athletes' Village for the Games taking place in Paris in 2024, and following competitive dialogues, the Société de Livraison des Ouvrages Olympiques (SOLIDEO) has selected the SUEZ Group for its innovative urban air treatment solutions in narrow streets and on the banks of the Seine.

The SUEZ Group consists of:

  • ENS: a Dutch family-owned company that has been developing innovative technologies to actively combat air pollution since 2009;
  • Fermentalg: a French SME that has become a key player in microbiology for the environment, in particular due to its expertise in microalgae;
  • SUEZ: a French Group that has been committed every day for 160 years to working with local authorities, industrials and citizens to anticipate the demands of the future through innovative solutions guaranteeing the preservation of the essential elements of our environment: water, soil and air.

With complementary expertise and technologies, converging strategies of environmental excellence and a shared conception of innovation in the field of urban air treatment, the Group has proposed to SOLIDEO to set up innovative solutions in the athletes' village, for the city of tomorrow. Installed from 2024, these devices will foreshadow the legacy of the Games for the future users and inhabitants of the neighborhood.


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