Digital solutions

Construction waste recycling in China: SUEZ, Changshu and Anji join forces to create a joint venture to provide innovative digital solutions in waste recycling

The agreement provides for the creation of a joint venture between SUEZ [1] (33%) and Anji (67%) to operate and maintain a construction waste recycling plant in Anji, located in Zhejiang province, for a period of 20 years. The project, led by Anji, will process approximately 380,000 tons of construction waste per year, while meeting the highest environmental standards. Following SUEZ’s successful experience in Changshu, it represents another major national R&D project in the field of construction waste treatment.
The Anji project will mirror the "Changshu model" initiated by SUEZ [2] in 2018 for the reuse of construction waste into new resources, and will rely on Internet and Internet of Things technologies, customized treatment processes, bespoke equipment, and a smart, digital platform that monitors the entire process of waste collection, transfer, and treatment.The project will also integrate advanced, intelligent sorting facilities to efficiently and precisely treat construction waste, in order to achieve minimum reuse rate of construction waste of 85%. The recycled construction aggregates will be used to produce bricks, curbstone, or road bedding for different purposes; combustible materials will be supplied to waste incineration plants as fuel for power generation. Additionally, metallic materials will be reused directly.
SUEZ has been working with Changshu since 2006 to provide water services in the city and has since expanded its services to include wastewater treatment, smart water services, industrial wastewater treatment and recycling construction and renovation waste. SUEZ serves about two million households, as well as industrial and commercial customers in Changshu, with a total daily water production capacity of 875,000 m3. The SUEZ facility also has a daily municipal and industrial wastewater treatment capacity of 330,000 m3. In 2021, both parties extended the partnership and won a contract in Shaowu, Fujian Province to operate, manage, and technologically re-engineer industrial wastewater treatment plant.
1 Through its joint venture with Changshu Water Investment and Development Company Limited, called Changshu SUEZ NWS Environmental Management Co.
2 Changshu SUEZ NWS Environmental Management Co, Ltd is a joint venture established in 2018 between SUEZ NWS (35%) and Changshu Water Investment and Development Company Limited (65%).