We are committed to the sustainable development wherever we operate

For the first time, SUEZ commits to a cross-functional Roadmap with the same level of ambition towards climate change, biodiversity preservation, and CSR.
Sabrina Soussan , Chairman and CEO of SUEZ



Climate - Nature - Social



Contributing to decarbonising energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting our most exposed sites to climate change

Our climate commitments seek to accelerate SUEZ contribution to carbon neutrality for the communities in which the Group operates. Those commitments fall into three categories: decarbonising energy; reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our activities; ensuring the resilience of essential services by adapting the sites we operate that are most vulnerable to the consequences of climate change.
Contributing to energy decarbonization
Decarbonizing SUEZ value chain
Adapting all priority and vulnerable sites to climate change

Results 2023 : proof by indicators!

- 11%
Reduction in GHG emissions from scopes 1 and 2 of our waste activities (excluding waste-to-energy)
Electricity self-sufficiency in Europe
Share of sustainable electricity consumption over total electricity consumption in Europe

Preserving biodiversity and natural resources wherever we operate

Our commitments to nature address the five pressures identified by IPBES1 as being responsible for biodiversity decline. We are taking action in three areas: preserving resources; increasing our capabilities in terms of regenerating natural environments; and reducing pressure on biodiversity.
Preserving resources
Growing nature regeneration capacities of SUEZ
Addressing the pressures on biodiversity

Results 2023 : proof by indicators!

Share of priority sites with a biodiversity action plan
Share of sites not using phytosanitary products
Turnover generated by solutions identified as growing nature regeneration

Strengthening the positive impact of our activities to ensure the responsible development of communities 

Alongside our partners and clients, we are committed to achieving both social and economic development at the same time. Our commitments aim to promote inclusion, gender equality and professional equality; to improve the health and safety of women and men throughout our value chain; and to contribute to local prosperity and access to essential services.
Ensuring respect for universal rights
Growing skills and fostering employee engagement
Contributing to the sustainable development of communities, wherever we operate

Results 2023: proof by indicators!

Number of hours of voluntary work from SUEZ employees
Frequency rate of accidents
Global gender gap

Our 2023 - 2027 Sustainable Development Roadmap


Our progress report 2023


Sustainable performance through committed governance

We assess progress towards our sustainability targets according to a strict timetable, using quantitative performance indicators. Indicators are monitored by SUEZ executive management and CSR Committee.

Our CSR Committee, comprising members of the Board of Directors, validates sustainability targets, ensures that adequate resources are allocated to achieve them and evaluates their implementation. It reviews progress towards the Group’s commitments several times a year. The Group’s Executive Committee monitors that progress, performs budget oversight and approves transformative projects that contribute to the achievement of the roadmap objectives. Throughout the year, an operational steering committee meets to monitor the progress of our commitments and their implementation within the various Group entities. 

In addition, 20% of SUEZ executives’ long-term compensation is indexed on the attainment of these targets, with a focus on health and safety, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and equal opportunities.

This is part of a wider governance system designed to ensure that sustainable development issues, ethical principles and risk management are considered at all levels of the business and reported to all the Group’s stakeholders. SUEZ Non-Financial Performance Statement, Ethics Charter, Human Rights Policy and Vigilance Plan constitute its key reporting documents and are available on the Group’s website. Any breach of the fundamental principles set out in  those documents can be reported to [email protected].