En route to Dubai World Expo with the French Pavilion

SUEZ, a partner of the French Pavilion, will be taking part in France’s official schedule at the World Expo in Dubai, which starts on 1 October and lasts for six months. This is a great opportunity for the Group to highlight some of its leading solutions for preserving water, soil and air. Solutions that meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which will be the main focus of the World Expo.
The world meets in Dubai

Connecting minds, connecting the future

For six months, the 192 countries represented will gather in Dubai to reflect, propose and present their know-how and solutions to meet humanity’s challenges, in accordance with the sustainable development goals established by United Nations’ member states, which are included in Agenda 2030. This edition will focus on the theme "Connecting minds, Building the future". .

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France at the heart of the Expo

Lights, light

Through its pavilion, focusing on the theme "Lights, Light", France intends to showcase its expertise on the international stage and demonstrate its commitment to the construction of tomorrow.

The six-month exhibition will be punctuated by twelve special-focus fortnights at the French Pavilion, in order to: raise public awareness of the major challenges ahead and highlight French initiatives and actions in terms of biodiversity, climate, peace, space, consumption... while providing a unique platform for dialogue between all the Pavilion’s stakeholders and partners.

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SUEZ alongside France

Leading solutions to preserve water, soil and air

As a leading French player in environmental services on the international stage, SUEZ supports the actions of the French Pavilion.

For the French Pavilion's biodiversity fortnight, which marks the opening of the World Expo, a panel of experts from the SUEZ Group will present leading solutions for preserving water, soil and air, which meet both the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and the Sustainable Development objectives set by SUEZ in its 2017 - 2021 roadmap.

SUEZ Group identified four priorities: to be a collaborative, open and responsible company; to be a leader in the circular and low-carbon economy; to support its customers' environmental transition with concrete solutions; and to contribute to the common good. As such, SUEZ stepped up its commitments in 2019 to ensure a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (compared to 30% previously) in line with the + 1.5°C trajectory (carbon neutrality goal in 2050), and has pledged to avoid around 20 million tonnes of CO2 emissions each year for its customers, and this by 2030.

As an international showcase, the Dubai World Expo will allow customers from around the world to discover the Group's recent innovations, such as:
  • Origins.Earth, a tool to assess the greenhouse gas emissions of cities and implement low-carbon strategies to combat climate disruption
  • Biomimetics and biomonitoring, nature-inspired solutions to preserve biodiversity
  • Advanced technologies to improve water network performance in order to shape more sustainable cities by protecting water resources.
Pierre Yves Pouliquen_SUEZ

We are very proud to be a partner of the France Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai. This event will be an opportunity for SUEZ to present its expertise and innovations supported by the Group internationally. The themes addressed at this event are at the heart of the Group’s strategy. Through to our investments in R&D and the implementation of innovative technologies with local communities and industries, we are committed to supporting countries and their regions in their transformations in order to build more responsible and environmentally friendly models.

Pierre-Yves Pouliquen , Senior VP Group Sustainable Development

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