Order the SUEZ.circpack® country overviews

Each country has specific requirements in terms of the circular economy: the recycling system varies significantly from one country to the next. We have gathered key information on the recycling of household waste in many countries. Request a quote for the report focusing on the countries of your choice in a list of over 60 countries. 

Each country overview will provide detailed information on:
• The types of packaging collected;
• The existing deposit-return system;
• The list of sorted materials;
• The materials that are really recycled;
• Information on the existence, or non-existence, of a system for producer responsibility (and associated costs) and/or financial incentives for recyclable packaging.

Price & Payment

 Country  Price
 Per European country  € 500,-
 Europe edition: 35 countries  € 6 000,-
 Non-European countries (excl. USA, China, Canada)  € 750,-
 U.S.A., China or Canada  € 1 500,-
 World edition: 68 countries   € 12 500,-

All prices are excluding VAT.

The report is immediately available upon accepted proposal.