Financial controller

Graduate accessible

Graduate accessible
The role of a Financial controller at SUEZ consists of reporting and budgetary control, performing financial studies and proposing corrective actions.
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Main activities

  • Organizes and monitors analytic accounting
  • Organizes and implements economic reporting and the budget, prepares financial accounts
  • Ensures that management and IT systems procedures are implemented
  • Manages and handles economic data
  • Examines and implements financial operations and contributes to the drawing up of the medium-term plan


  • 150 to 1,000 people
  • €25 to €150 M turnover per year

External corporate relations

Auditors, customers, suppliers

Required experience

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Business school or equivalent training in financial controls
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5 years of experience in financial control in one of the main regional centres. Open to beginners with smaller remits

Key skills required

  • Accounting, finance and law
  • Strong command of the IT tools
  • Knowledge of the accounting practices of the concessionaires
  • Rigour
  • Analytical skills and global vision

Possibilities for personal development

  • Administrative and financial manager
  • Support functions at company headquarters