Preserving the waters of the Nile Delta, Cairo (Egypt)

In Cairo, SUEZ operates and maintains the Gabal El Asfar wastewater treatment plant, the largest wastewater treatment plant on the eastern bank of the Nile.
The mission
In early 2021, SUEZ won the contract for the operation and maintenance of two of Gabal El Asfar's wastewater treatment plants in Cairo, for a period of four years and a total amount of €40 million, including €28 million for SUEZ.

SUEZ is in charge of the operation of the facilities and their rehabilitation, confirming CAPW's trust in the know-how of SUEZ's operator and its international expertise in the treatment of water.
Our answer
The plant is equipped with an upgrading technology for sewage sludge by anaerobic digestion and cogeneration, making it possible to produce up to 65% of the energy needed to operate the station's equipment.
The results
The site makes it possible to restore water of optimal quality to the natural environment and thus to preserve the channel waters near the station and those of the Nile Delta.
million m3/day
of wastewater treated
inhabitants of Greater Cairo served by the site