Protecting air quality

SUEZ is rising to the challenge of air quality: the Group offers innovative solutions that use new technologies and draw inspiration from nature to improve the quality of the air we breathe.
The issues

Working to improve air quality

Limit emissions of harmful particles
Improve the tools to measure and monitor air quality
Purify the air in urban environments
Our solutions

Gaining a better understanding of air quality, improving monitoring and treatment

SUEZ has formed an “Air Division” working on several new concrete solutions that are operational in the field, and on R&D and innovation, either internally, or in partnership with other players.

Realising what is at stake, the Group is committed to making air quality one of its key areas for research and innovation over the coming years. Over €10 million have already been invested in this area. The results of our initial trials (Pollution & Carbon sinks, AirAdvanced-HypR, etc.) have confirmed the direction we are taking and strengthened our resolve to step up our efforts.

The Group is investing in the design, development and operation of innovative air treatment solutions, in France and elsewhere, that will enable industry to reduce its environmental footprint and allow local authorities to improve air quality:
  • Measurement tools to monitor, understand and assess air quality in a target environment (public spaces, industrial plants, school playgrounds, etc.);
  • Trials in environments that are sensitive/prone to air pollution such as underground stations or areas in proximity to heavy traffic, so that users will be able to breathe healthier air;
  • Tried and tested treatment solutions such as Pollution & Carbon Sinks.

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