Supporting the right to water and sanitation

We want to take part in the promotion and implementation of the right to water and sanitation. We’re able to offer a full range of solutions in response to all issues faced by both developed and developing countries.

Access to essential services has improved but remains a major challenge worldwide

The sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations in September 2015, provide a framework for the 2030 development agenda but also remind us that despite significant progress in the fight against inequality, universal access to essential services remains a major concern.


Around the world today:

people do not have access to clean drinking water
people lack access to proper sanitation
Our actions

Adopt a collective approach to ensure long-term improvements

To fully support the new sustainable development goals and meet the challenges for accessing universal services, SUEZ is taking concrete measures and adopting a collective approach, which is the only way to ensure long-term improvements. The company is also actively involved in the co-creation of a water governance framework at the international level and provides extensive support, through the “our Initiatives Fund”, to projects and initiatives for the expansion of access to essential services.
Our solutions

Customizing solutions to improve access to water and sanitation

Building on our experience in access to services, we now offer a range of tailored solutions that are used to assess access problems and respond to them through the monitoring and implementation of projects covering three distinct areas:

  • the expansion of physical access,
  • the guarantee of affordable access,
  • the universal access to sanitation in the city.