Using SUEZ's knowledge to protect the oceans

Preserving the world’s oceans is a major commitment for SUEZ. Located at the center of water and waste challenges, we today use our expertise to help shape local public policies that limit pollution of the marine environment by human activity. Thanks to its overall vision, we can supply our customers with tangible solutions that limit terrestrial sources of pollution by changing the conception of the waste life cycle to a more circular model and by making the cities’ water networks more intelligent.

  • Our expertise in water and plastic waste treatment to develop solutions to reduce pollution that originates on land
  • A comprehensive logistics network as a result of our presence in numerous regions
  • Constantly evolving solutions thanks to our innovativeness and research network

Our solutions to preserve the coastline & the oceans

SUEZ provides solutions from land to sea to ensure water quality, to aim for zero waste in the ocean, and to protect and revitalise the coastline.