IDA World Congress 2022

International Convention Center, Sydney, Australia
  • SUEZ est présent à l’IDA World Congress du 10 au 13 octobre avec les conférences suivantes :
    • Le lundi 10 octobre : Desalination in Australia – A success story, by Julien Tauvry and Dr. Véronique Bonnelye
      Design and Integration of Ozonation in Treatment Train for Micropollutant Removal and Urban Wastewater Reuse, by Sylvie Baig
      Multiple Point Ozonation for Micropollutants Removal from Wastewater: A Full-Scale Demonstration from Denmark, by Sylvie Baig / on behalf of Romain Maillez

    • Le mardi 11 octobre : Beenyup Advanced Water Recycling Plant Stage 2: Construction, Commissioning and Integration with Stage 1, by Lisa Chan
      Brackish Plant Case Studies and Process Improvements, Topic Chair: Dr. Véronique Bonnelye
      Best Value Solutions for Desalination Pretreatments: Towards Enhanced Flotation by Caroline Barbé

    • Le mercredi 12 octobre : Circular Processing of Seawater Brines from Saltworks for Recovery of Valuable Raw Materials (Searcularmine), by Delia Pastorelli
      Project Delivery Models for Big-Desal, Topic Chair: Dr.Véronique Bonnelye

    • Le jeudi 13 octobre : Innovation to tackle the water tariff inflation, by Yvan Tréal & Sophie Bertrand
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