SUEZ at the Global Water Summit 2024

Sofitel London Heathrow - Terminal 5 Heathrow airport - Londres, United Kingdom
    • Monday 15 April

    9am-12.40pm: "Water Resilience Workshop" pre-conference workshop, with Patricia Villoslada.

    Ensuring the continuity of water supply in the event of a crisis is the greatest test of the excellence of public services. Thanks to climate change, these crises are becoming more frequent, but are we better prepared? This half-day workshop aims to answer this question. It brings together leaders who have experienced droughts, floods, cyber attacks, earthquakes and other disasters to share their experiences and the innovations that have made a difference.  


    • Tuesday 16 April

    16:30-17:30: "Financing Water Security" session, with Pierre Pauliac.

    This is the greatest investment challenge facing the world today: adapting to the new realities of the global water cycle. How can we, as an industry, ensure that the world takes notice? Here we bring together some of the industry's leading investors in a facilitated discussion to determine how best to align finance with water security strategies.


    • Wednesday 17 April

    9am-10.30am: Opening plenary, with Sabrina Soussan.

    How can we ensure that the world takes water as seriously as it takes carbon?
    What are the missing solutions for ensuring water security in the face of climate change?
    What are the major trends currently reshaping the water industry?
    We are bringing together key leaders from across the sector to discuss the big questions in 2024.


    11:15-12:45: "Delivering a Global Target for Water Reuse" session, with Yvan Treal.

    How can we mobilise collective action to maximise water reuse on a global scale? This is the single action that would make the greatest contribution to water security in a changing world. Setting a global target for reuse, similar to the "net zero" target for carbon, could be a successful strategy.
    Are there other approaches to achieving the change we need? This panel, led by the Water Resources 2030 Group, engages some of the key players in the public and private sectors in the challenge of reshaping the water cycle.


    14:00-15:30: "Net Zero Action" session, with Frederick Jeske Schoenhoven.

    How can we accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon water sector? Whether it's a holistic transformation or technologies that can be rapidly integrated to rapidly reduce carbon emissions, the challenge is to make the "net zero" goal seem achievable for utilities.
    Here we bring together the whole supply chain and ambitious companies to discover the solutions that are making real progress now.