Our solutions

Reduce water hardness through collective carbonate removal

Producing water with a lower limestone content is not just a question of user comfort. It is also a case of responding to environmental, economic and public health issues:

  • Provide all users with fresh water at a reduced cost, identical for everyone thanks to collective carbonate removal. 
  • Limit discharges into the natural environment of detergents and anti-limescale products containing phosphates.
  • Reduce energy consumption related to the scaling of household equipment and pipelines.
  • Reduce the slow release in water of certain potentially toxic metals such as copper or lead, used to manufacture pipes.
  • Begin with a preliminary diagnostic phase to adjust the carbonate removal technology to hardness reduction objectives, the quality of water resources, and the operating constraints of the water production plant.
  • Opt for one of our collective carbonate removal solutions:   
        - SOFTAZUR C, chemical carbonate removal by catalytic reactor
        - DENSADEG®, chemical carbonate removal with sludge recirculation reactor (see the product sheet)
        - Physicochemical carbonate removal on ion exchange resins
        - ERCA2, physical carbonate removal by electrocatalysis.