Securing and maintaining rapid access to water supply and sanitation

With increasing urbanisation, the need for drinking water and sanitation in cities and territories is growing exponentially. Isolated areas, such as villages in disadvantaged countries or rural areas, may sometimes suffer from limited or non-existent infrastructure. Manufacturers may also have specific and urgent needs to secure their water supply or treat their wastewater.

Decentralised Compact Units or UCDs®, are specially adapted to urgent needs and local specificities

  • UCD® drinking water plants can treat groundwater as well as surface water (lakes, rivers, dams).
  • The assembly of a UCD® plant is much faster than a conventional one, ranging from a few days to a few weeks depending on the equipment implemented.
  • Their insertion in dense areas is simple, with a reduced footprint (2.5 times less space than a conventional plant) and limited civil engineering.
  • Risk control: full testing of the unit before delivery, reduced CAPEX and OPEX.
  • UCD® plants can be automated,semi-automated or fitted with solar roofs.
  • Integration of our units in a global water access program, from feasibility studies to financing, including final delivery (Multi UCD®).
  • The SUEZ teams train technicians on site to ensure local management.
  • SUEZ's UCDs® contribute to the achievement of the following Sustainable Development Objectives:

A custom installation faster than a traditional plant installation

More than
             years of experience                                                                                                 

more than

drinking water treatment plants supplied in 50 countries worldwide 
more than
million m3 of drinking water produced each day with SUEZ UCDs®

UCD - decentralized solutions: towards the access to drinking water - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

UCD® Smart Village

SUEZ Smart Village is a solution aiming to provide all essential services to promote the socio-economic development of rural communities or peri-urban areas.

They trust us

Ivory Coast : decentralised solutions for secondary towns

In 2019, the Ivory Coast government, through ONEP, trusted SUEZ with its UCD® solution to support the "Water for All" program.

40 compact units have been deployed to accelerate access to water in 32 secondary towns in the country. As a result, more than one million Ivorians will have benefited from continuous access to drinking water meeting quality standards in just 24 months.

Water for All in Ivory Coast with UCD® - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

In addition, the reliability of the UCD® project has enabled ONEP to receive financing from the BPI (Banque Publique d'Investissement) - France with very favorable loan conditions and thanks to an EXPORT PASS set up in 2019. This is an example of a multi-UCD® offer.
40 UCDs®



32 cities

1 million inhabitants


92,000 m3
of drinking water produced per day.

Kalaban Coro, Mali - Infrastructure's resilience and rapidity

In 2012, SUEZ installed a UCD® LML unit in Kalaban Coro - Bamako (Mali). Since then, it has been serving part of the water needs of the city of Bamako by treating water from the Niger River.

The UCD® unit allowed the population to be supplied with drinking water during the construction of the conventional plant.

This is a good example of the complementarity of the two systems: in order to ensure the quick availability of drinking water for the population, a fast and compact solution was set up at a specific time.

This was later supplemented by a traditional plant. The simultaneous presence of both infrastructures guarantees permanent access to continuous water, even in case of operational hazards.
UCD® plant
deployed in 10 months.
22,000 m3/day
of drinking water delivered to inhabitants.

Fidji, a solution adapted to insularity

SUEZ implements adapted solutions to facilitate access to drinking water in the Pacific.This region of 180 million km2 of scattered islands, with a population of 12 million inhabitants, of which 81% live in rural areas, is facing high costs for materials and services.

These islands are especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change as they are exposed to a high occurrence of cyclones, floods, and droughts.

All these elements, and consequences of insularity, constrain more than elsewhere the capacity to deliver essential services by established operators; barely 20 % of the population has access to a public water service, one of the lowest in the world.

In Fiji, in 2013 the national water and sanitation operator, Water Authority of Fiji (WAF), allocated funds for the reinforcement of existing sites and the construction of new drinking water plants with the technical choice of decentralized compact UCD® plants.
73,000 m3/day

of additional capacity for drinking water treatment.


9 different sites
on the Fiji archipelago with a capacity to supply approximately 250,000 people.

Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines: modularity and rapid expansion to respond to exponential urban growth

In Medan, Indonesia, a city of more than 3 million inhabitants, SUEZ started a Public-Private Partnership (PPP). A UCD® solution was chosen in 2001.

Since then, the plant has been expanded three times, from an initial capacity of 16,560 m3/day to 33,120 m3/day, then to 41,400 m3/day and more recently a new extension for a total of 74,520 m3/day.
The adoption of UCD® solutions has enabled the plant's growth to be well adapted to the population's need for water. These solutions are now applied in densely populated areas such as Manila in the Philippines and Pulau Bahagia in the state of Terengganu in Malaysia.
74,500 m3/day




increase in the treatment capacity of the plant between 2001 and 2021.
2,2 million
inhabitants in the 3rd largest city in Indonesia supplied by a plant built with SUEZ UCD®.


  • Algeria - Tichy Haf (Africa) : Installation of 1 plant and its extension, thanks to an active cooperation of more than 20 years with the local partner of SUEZ.
    ✓ 50,000 m3 per day of treated water.
  • Saint Lucia - Dennery (LATAM) : Successful installation of a decentralized production unit, achievement validated by a 2nd station in extension.
    ✓ 25 years of presence in the Caribbean
    ✓ On 7 sites and 4 countries (Guyana, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and St Lucia).
  • Malaysia - Losong et Pulau Bahagia (ASIA) : Securing the water supply of the Terengganu region with the implementation of 2 new plants.
    ✓ 64,000 m3 per day of treated water.

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