• Overall improvement in sanitation service quality and compliance with evolving environmental regulation
  • Protection of population and assets against flooding risks coming from sanitation networks: anticipation up to 20 hours in advance
  • Conservation of the natural environment's quality: up to 45% reduction in discharges per year
  • Investment and financial performance optimisation: up to 50% reduction in expenditure on additional storage capacity


  • Collection and processing of data from sanitation networks, using sensors and devices: flow meters, rain gauges, outlets, pumping stations
  • Geographic dashboard or real time rainwater and wastewater network synopsis
  • Regulatory compliance reports (periodic or on-going diagnosis)
  • Event detection (blockages, clear water infiltration etc.)
  • Weather forecasting and rainwater volume monitoring with radar visual display
  • Forecast for heavy rains and risks of overflow in networks
  • Real-time optimisation of sanitation system storage and treatment capacity, with or without automatic sanitation system control

Smart sewerage system management - AQUADVANCED URBAN DRAINAGE - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

Success cases

  • Singapore: optimising of the Marina Dam operations, to maintain reservoir levels during heavy rains
  • Biarritz: over 40% reduction in wastewater discharged into bathing water

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