Our solutions

Guarantee continuity of service, through sustrainable operation and maintenance of your network

We offer innovative techniques for effective, long-term, environmentally-friendly operation and maintenance:
  • Evaluate the structural and functional conditions of your network, through assessment and inspections
  • Design and plan the renovation of existing equipment  and the installation of new equipment, to limit network vulnerability
  • Deploy Galia, a system facilitating network operation and maintenance, through the smart management of infrastructure, operations performed, and results
  • Benefit from innovative inspection and cleaning solutions adapted to your network needs
  • Select the most suitable materials and techniques, designed to renew your network while minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment
  • Combat intrusions of infiltration water into your sanitation network with the SewerBall

Limit the impact of rainfall events on the economy, daily life and safety

Our solution enables you to process data in real time and react efficiently to limit the impact of heavy rainfall events:
  • Facilitate network management, thanks to our integrated AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage software, which optimises storage capacity, helps operators make decisions during crisis situations and minimise risks
  • Analyse meteorological data, and data from level, flow and quality sensors, installed across the network
  • Calculate the impact of rainfall in real time, on sewerage systems, urban areas and the natural environment

Smart sewerage system management - AQUADVANCED URBAN DRAINAGE - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

Anticipation of emergency situations

We provide you with innovative technologies to anticipate emergency situations:
  • Anticipate flooding, overflows and pollution risks, with our integrated AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage software
  • Use our real-time modelling tools ,backed up by meteorological data, to predict emergency situations
  • React efficiently to storm events and pollution risks, by efficiently managing operations linked to hydraulic infrastructure, storage and wastewater treatment plants, in real time

Increase transparency amongst stakeholders

We are convinced that the efficiency of wastewater collection and treatment systems must be shared. We therefore set up best practices to promote transparency vis-à-vis the population and local authorities:
  • Share information concerning water quality with stakeholders and citizens
  • Support the authorities in managing access to beaches, lakes and rivers, and alert them if the water quality deteriorates
  • Use our COWAMA solution to warn public authorities and citizens

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