Your challenges

Inflow and infiltration is any water that spill into sanitation networks and causes malfunctions in networks or in wastewater treatment plants. Storm water is the most common example. It increas-es the volume of effluent in the separate system (which should normally only carry wastewater) until it arrives at the treatment plant, where there is a high risk of overflow into the natural envi-ronment. Non-domestic polluted water can also be detected, such as industrial wastewater or brackish water.

Identifying the areas subject to infiltration, inflow and pollutions within underground networks is often complex and costly. And yet this work is crucial to ensure an efficient asset management, optimise their operation and target investment.

Our solution

The SewerBall is an innovative tool that allows you to inspect your sanitation networks quickly and safely. The solution relies on a small ball, 10 cm in diameter, introduced into the sanitation net-work, where it drifts in order to identify and locate iinflow and infiltration, pollutions and temporary or continuous spillage. Able to collect data for four physical-chemical parameters (pH, temperature, conductivity and redox potential), it is linked to a smart algorithm that interprets the data collected. The information is reported via a platform accessible remotely to give you the means of taking cor-rective action.

An agile solution for simple deployment

  • Quick, cost-effective and safe to implement (no need to enter the network)
  • Intervention on the network in service, with no need for prior cleaning

A flexible solution to respond to all types of needs
  • Usable on all sanitation systems, either urban or rural, in large or small communities, from small pipe diameters (from 300mm or 200mm in some conditions), as long as the network has adequate draught
  • Detect all kind of disturbances on the network (inflow and infiltration, pollution, spillage…)
  • Allows access to hard-to-reach areas
  • Can also be used for natural habitat quality monitoring

Advanced analysis thanks to a dedicated display interface
  • Data interpretation based on an exclusive algorithm (patented by SUEZ)
  • Dynamic map and graphs to display the results
  • Automatic report generation

SewerBall: an innovative service that detects sewer network anomalies

Credit: SUEZ group

The benefits for you

Complete effluent control
  • Checking that there are no infiltrations of effluent of abnormal quality
  • Detecting clean or industrial water, saline intrusions etc.

Control over discharge
  • Dynamic records of water course quality parameters
  • Checking that sanitation systems are not having a negative environmental impact

Improved asset management
  • Better knowledge about inaccessible and non-visitable collectors
  • Preliminary diagnostics of areas where clean infiltration water spills into the network
  • Mapping all king of disturbances to enrich knowledge of network assets