Secure the management of hazardous waste

We provide a guarantee of regulatory compliance for dangerous waste and ensures that people, property and the environment are kept safe at all times.
We support industrial companies in managing their responsibilities in terms of safety and regulatory compliance:

Optimize waste collection and logistics

Access to the best recovery and treatment solutions is possible using our on-site logistic solutions and hub network:

  • Sorting at source: internal collection, supply of packaging and labelling, initial sorting
  • Creation and operation of logistics organisations: collection, transit, waste flow, export files
  • Waste preparation: sorting and grouping, repackaging, physical and chemical preparation, desensitisation of unstable waste.

Guarantee efficient interventions

We guarantee effective control of induced costs and continuity of operations (licence to operate) associated with regulatory compliance and final destinations for waste. We provide a panel of tools to support variations in production, whether in volume or nature of waste. We develop flexible solutions suited to each type of hazardous waste, which guarantee the safety of people and prevent risks: 


On-site sorting and grouping
Hazardous waste is isolated from other waste and collected then grouped for easier pre-treatment and transportation.


We use cost-effective management tools to ensure optimum traceability of waste through to its elimination or recycling, in accordance with applicable standards.


Secure transport
We provide specific containers to transport hazardous waste and propose multimodal logistics solutions that comply fully with all regulations. We also assist our clients for cross-border transport.

Manage incidents

In the event of an incident, displacement or closure of a site, our experts are available to secure the site and identify, prepare and remove waste. Our resources available for logistics, processing and recovery enable us to propose the best solution of each type of waste. Our chemists ensure that facilities are correctly decontaminated or that chemical products are transferred safely.

Reinforce environmental performance

Industrial companies are faced with dual issues: optimise costs while reducing the impact of their activity on the environment. We provide support to preserve and optimise resources, while lowering your environmental footprint but also showcase your brand through strong involvement in the circular economy.

We are committed to a sustainable development approach and assists its clients in seeking economic performance through waste recovery and recycling:

Deliver expert advice

As a pioneer in the circular economy, we firmly anchor the activities of our clients in the material cycle: lower use of fossil fuel energies and use of materials contained within waste. Our experts put in place firm actions for clients to reduce the economic and environmental costs of hazardous waste management. We reduce your environmental footprint by optimising sorting, storage and transport.

Implement dedicated channels

We provide our clients with a variety of solutions to handle all types of hazardous waste using fully environmentally-sound procedures:

  • Chemical and thermal channels: concentration by evaporation, physical and chemical, incineration, co-incineration, cementing, salt water etc.
  • Mineral channels: storage, stabilisation etc.

Recover hazardous waste more effectively

We contribute to preserving natural resources by supplying industrial companies with materials and energy generated from the recovery of hazardous waste. By processing hazardous waste, we produce secondary raw materials and energy in order to maximise the efficiency of resources and reduce your environmental footprint.

We propose two complementary types of recovery to offer a second life to hazardous waste:

evapo incineration

Recover materials from hazardous waste

Your hazardous waste can be used to produce secondary raw materials: solvents, acids, minerals in cement factories, glass, metals, etc.

Transform hazardous waste into energy

We generate alternative energy sources from hazardous waste: steam, solid or liquid substitution fuels, co-incineration in cement factories, etc.