SUEZ reaches a new milestone in its sustainability roadmap with the signature of its first two corporate photovoltaic PPAs with ENGIE

SUEZ, a global leader in environmental services, has signed its first two corporate photovoltaic Power Purchase Agreements (cPPA) with ENGIE, a leading global player in energy transition. These agreements relate to power generated by ENGIE’s photovoltaic facilities located within SUEZ’s non-hazardous waste storage facilities in Gueltas (West of France) and Vémars, near Paris.

These first cPPAs for SUEZ are in line with one of the key climate targets set out in its sustainable development roadmap: to increase the share of its electricity consumption from sustainable sources to 70% globally and 100% in Europe by 2030.

Contributing to local energy transition by producing renewable energy from waste storage facilities

Between now and 2026, SUEZ and ENGIE will work together to bring into service 14 solar photovoltaic facilities in addition to the four that are already generating power. These renewable electricity farms will be located on land or sites used for waste storage but no longer in operation, and will have combined capacity of almost 180 MWp.

A pioneer in the production of energy from solid waste and wastewater, SUEZ is now giving its non-hazardous waste storage sites a new lease of life as sources of renewable solar power.

SUEZ’s first two cPPAs, aimed at increasing the proportion of its electricity consumption from renewable sources.

These photovoltaic projects aim to supply some of SUEZ's industrial water and waste sites with renewable energy, while ensuring stable prices in the long term.

These first PPAs, both for 20 years, were signed between SUEZ and ENGIE:

  • The first is to produce electricity from one of the most powerful photovoltaic power plants in the Ile-de-France region, with a capacity of 21.4 MWp. Made up of 37,200 solar panels, the ENGIE plant is located in Vémars on a 32-hectare site of land belonging to a non-hazardous waste storage facility owned by SUEZ. It is currently under construction and will be operational by the end of the year, producing the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 10,000 inhabitants.
  • The other concerns the electricity produced by a 13 MWp ENGIE photovoltaic facility. Located in Gueltas in the Morbihan region of France, the plant is built on a 16-hectare site within a SUEZ landfill for non-hazardous waste. Since the beginning of February 2024, the facility’s 24,300 bifacial photovoltaic panels have been producing enough electricity to supply the equivalent of 6,600 local people every year.
William Arkwright, Chief Executive Officer of ENGIE Green, added: “These cPPAs with SUEZ, based on a solar facility developed and built by our teams, are an excellent example of our value proposition for large companies: we offer them a way to produce low-carbon energy on their sites at a competitive cost and to benefit directly from that energy.”