SUEZ E&C Success in Mangaluru City with AquaDAF Filter

A Perfect Blend of Technical Innovation & Teams Collaboration
The Indian Port City of Mangaluru, with over 750,000 inhabitants, is located on the West Coast of India, approx. 350 km away from Bengaluru City, in the State of Karnataka (INDIA). 

Traditionally, it is a major Commercial hub for oil & gas, petrochemical and iron ore industries.  The city now also has a distinction of being one of the 108 SMART Cities designated by the Government of India to host technologies related to mobility, renewable energy, water and waste management shaping into the Indian Cities of Tomorrow.

In the year 2019, SUEZ won from Mangaluru City Corporation, the ADB financed Contract for “Implementing 24x7 Water Supply System (Strengthening Distribution System) including 8 years O&M”.  Under this Contract, SUEZ will provide 96,300 House Service Connections, lay approx. 2,148 km of Water Distribution Network, covering an area of approx.. 132 km2 of the City. The responsibility of Operating and Maintaining the Water Distribution System & Customer Services also includes rehabilitating a more than 50-year-old Water Treatment Plant in the City.

Initially, the contract included a budget of CAPEX to renovate part of the drinking water treatment facilities. During the preliminary work phase, SUEZ advised the customer that rehab of the existing DWTP would still not sufficiently enhance the age of the plant and might struggle to meet future water requirements as per the projected growth of the city. Considering the quality of the raw water and the recent internal work done to prepare the DAF Filter for Drinking Water with the E&C DTI and engineering teams, SUEZ India, in Oct 2023, proposed the idea of offering the AquaDAF Filter to the Client – Mangaluru City Corporation. After several rounds of meetings, presentations and discussions, the client finally chose the proposed solution.

The Mangaluru project is the first time SUEZ has sold a AquaDAF Filter to the client for a drinking water project.

The proposed solution is formally a variation order to an existing project as a result of which, the customer gets 125 MLD plant as against the original 80 MLD in a smaller plot of land. Through this pragmatic and timely intervention, the customer gets a brand new system that also covers the future growth of the city at the same time.

Selling a DAF Filter for a drinking water project is a premiere moment for SUEZ as the former ones were on seawater. It’s a huge success in terms of convincing a client to invest in an innovative solution and will be a significant referral point for other tenders too. What further makes it a great success is the example it sets about internal collaboration. This story exists due to the collaboration between E&C DTI, Project Team of Mangaluru, and the India Proposals Team through whose collective efforts, the solution was presented to the client. Thus, drawing the connection between the client’s need & SUEZ product AquaDAF Filter - a priority for SUEZ to develop and meet the global market needs.