SUEZ announces the relocation of its headquarters to Altiplano, a modern, low-carbon building in the heart of La Défense, Paris

On July 7th 2023, following consultation with staff representatives, Sabrina Soussan, Chairman and CEO of SUEZ, signed the lease for SUEZ's new headquarters in the future Altiplano building, located in the Parisian business district of La Défense. This real-estate project reflects SUEZ's commitment to providing its employees with eco-sufficient facilities and an outstanding quality of life in the workplace. SUEZ's teams, who are currently based in the Tour CB21 skyscraper, are set to be relocated to the new headquarters in early 2025.
By choosing the Altiplano development as its new headquarters, SUEZ is committed to improving the quality of life at work of its employees. Located in the heart of La Défense, Paris, Altiplano has an excellent public transport network and promotes soft mobility development. With 6,000 square metres of outdoor space, 2 indoor patios, and 9 loggias accessible across 9 floors, SUEZ employees will benefit from green and open work areas.   

The layout is specially designed to encourage lateral communication, flexible working methods, and cross-team collaboration. This new environment will also help facilitate new ways of working.

This choice of new headquarters demonstrates SUEZ's commitment to the ecological sufficiency of its facilities, in line with the Group's sustainable development roadmap. Rather than demolishing and rebuilding, which would require more energy and materials, SUEZ were keen to re-locate to an existing building. To minimise the carbon footprint generated by the work and encourage a circular approach right from the project's construction phase, AXA IM Alts, who developed the project on behalf of its clients, selected sustainable and responsible materials from the shortest supply chains possible. Priority was given to reusing materials and furniture from the pre-existing building, with 85 % of the waste generated by the demolition being recycled.

These design choices and the decision to retain the existing building will prevent the equivalent of 10,231 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being emitted, the same as around 65,000 car journeys from Paris to Marseille.

Altiplano's developers are aiming to achieve eight certifications for this building, which represent some of the highest environmental, technical, and well-being standards in the world: Effinergie 40 %, BREEAM Excellent level, HQE Exceptional level, Well Health 2021, Biodiversity, Wellv2 Gold level, WiredScore Platinum level and OsmoZ.