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SUEZ and Schneider Electric join forces to create a joint venture to strengthen their major role in the development of innovative digital solutions in the field of water

The SUEZ and Schneider Electric groups have announced the creation of a leader in digital water to develop and market a joint offering of innovative digital solutions for the management of the water cycle. This joint venture will support municipal water operators as well as industrial players in the acceleration of their digital transformations, by providing them with a unique range of software solutions for planning, operation, maintenance, and optimization of water treatment infrastructure.
This joint venture, to be created once all the authorizations from the relevant competition authorities have been received, will leverage SUEZ’s expertise in water and its experience in digital solutions, as well as the know-how of Schneider Electric in the development of software which provides digital water, energy management, and automation solutions.

The offering of this new entity, specializing in software solutions designed specifically for digital water, will provide customers with access to an application software database to optimize installations and networks, and enhance their performance, resilience, and sustainability: reducing leaks, optimizing network performance, generating energy savings, extending the lifespans of installations, preserving natural environments, improving the environmental footprint of water systems, etc.

Peter Herweck, EVP Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric: "By combining SUEZ's expertise in the water business with the capabilities of EcoStruxure, Schneider Electric's open and inter-operable IoT platform, we are creating new solutions and services to empower our customers with actionable information to manage their process and assets more efficiently. With this Joint Venture, we look forward to becoming the digital partner of water cycle players, enabling them to reach true resiliency and sustainability."

AQUADVANCED®, SUEZ’s real-time software suite, addresses the full range of challenges in the water cycle. It allows for the optimization and steering of water and sanitation networks and plants thanks especially to optimized, predictive monitoring of infrastructures. Using data science, AQUADVANCED® solutions combine the historic expertise of a water operator with the best data processing methods.

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure for Water and Wastewater allows for real-time supervision of data from multiple applications which can then be shared with the different company departments. The platform also enables rapid increases in operating performance, tighter quality control, lower consumption of energy and raw materials, improved maintenance and, in turn, boosts to company profitability.


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