New contract in Turin, Italy: The SUEZ Group selected to modernize and extend the drinking water production plant on the Po River

SMAT, the Metropolitan Water Company of Turin, has awarded SUEZ, leader of the consortium comprising COGEIS, MATTIODA Pierino & figli, RITONNARO Costruzioni and I.CO.P., the modernization and extension contract of the Po drinking water production plant for the city of Turin. This is the country’s largest plant using ultrafiltration technology.
The five-year contract worth a total amount of around €85 million, covers the construction of new treatment lines which will enable a significant increase in the drinking water supply capacity, which will grow from 2,500 L/s to 3,500 L/s. The plant will use the latest water purification technologies. Ultrafiltration using pressurized and immersed membranes will namely ensure the production of high-quality water, and the use of ozone in water treatment will improve the efficiency of the removal of organic materials and micro-organisms. 

Following these improvements, the city of Turin and its inhabitants will enjoy one of the most efficient and modern water treatment plants in the country. Thanks to this investment, SMAT is equipped with technologies capable of ensuring a steady supply of drinking water, even during emergencies or periods of drought. The Po drinking water plants represent 17% of the drinking water produced and distributed by SMAT thanks to a network of around 11,100 kilometers which is capable of delivering an average daily supply of 7,000 liters per second at maximum consumption.


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