Earth day: conserve & restore soils for a sustainable agriculture

Protecting soil to feed the planet is essential. SUEZ works together with farmers to innovate for today and for tomorrow and to develop smart and sustainable agriculture. How? By reducing water consumption and chemical fertilizers, by recycling treated wastewater for irrigation, by recovering organic waste and by remediating soil to create a more fertile land.

Earth is essential - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

Customised and digital solutions for a sustainable agriculture

SUEZ is innovating to provide farmers with global and integrated solutions that will improve the management of the resources. Our solutions promote the transition to a circular economy by connecting biowaste producers with anaerobic digestion specialists to produce energy or through sewage sludge traceability to guarantee the quality of fertilizer materials.

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Bertrand Camus_SUEZ

Feeding the planet while protecting it, is the challenge of the 21st century. The food challenge must engage the agricultural world in an environmental transition where the preservation of water, soil and air converge, in order to achieve a sustainable food chain.

Bertrand Camus , Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ

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