Biodiversity: SUEZ's commitments recognized by act4nature international

On the occasion of the International Day for Biological Diversity, act4nature international has validated the biodiversity commitments of SUEZ. act4nature international's steering committee, consisting of representatives of environmental NGOs and scientific partners, has therefore recognised the SMART characteristics – specific, measurable, additional, realistic and time-bound – of SUEZ's commitments. This acknowledgement further illustrates the credibility of the 2023-2027 sustainable development roadmap of SUEZ.

Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

SUEZ defines biodiversity priority sites as all sites that are in, that cross or that are situated alongside 1) Natura 2000 areas (birds or habitats) in Europe and 2) IUCN category 4, 5 or 6 protected areas in the rest of the world; or that cover an area of over 10 hectares; or that are open landfill sites.

In January 2024, SUEZ was awarded the EcoVadis Gold Medal, and in February 2024 it received a double A- rating from CDP for its climate and water stewardship commitments.