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SUEZ to provide Satellite Surveillance for Anglian Water's Wastewater Network

SUEZ announces a new contract with Anglian Water to supply satellite surveillance of their water recycling network.

SUEZ, a world leader in digital and circular solutions for waste and water services, announces a new contract with Anglian Water to supply satellite surveillance of its water recycling network. The agreement covers the entire company area and follows a successful trial in 2023. The focus initially will be on identifying any potential exfiltration points near a watercourse with the aim of expanding the scope to the entire water recycling network. This project will survey the entire network four times in the coming 12 months.

This partnership builds on the successful collaboration between SUEZ and its technology partner, ASTERRA, who have provided Anglian Water with satellite leak detection services for several years on the drinking water side: an innovative approach which has proven to be successful, with recently published figures showing a saving of 10 megaliters per day, the equivalent of 4 Olympic-sized swimming pools every day.

The importance of effective wastewater network surveillance cannot be overstated. Ageing sewer infrastructures are increasingly prone to infiltration and exfiltration issues, and the impacts of climate change have accelerated network deterioration. This leads to more surface water overflows and sewer flooding, particularly in older urban areas where Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) can become overwhelmed during periods of heavy rainfall.

Satellite surveillance offers a fresh, non-invasive approach to the problem of finding wastewater leakage. The same technology that helped discover water on Mars is now being used to identify sewer seepage on Earth. This efficient and cost-effective methodology provides multiple benefits, including a deeper understanding of pipe conditions, efficient maintenance work, effective resource allocation, and seamless integration into existing management systems.

The benefits of satellite surveillance in wastewater management are numerous as it prioritises pipes for replacement and rehabilitation, helps to prevent pollution of sensitive habitats and neighbourhoods, reduces public health risks associated with sewer overflows, minimises the negative impact on bathing waters, and supports regulatory compliance.

SUEZ, a worldwide leader in smart metering and smart water management, is proud to be at the forefront of this technological revolution, providing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the water industry. This contract with Anglian Water is a testament to the effectiveness of satellite surveillance in managing wastewater networks and a significant step towards a more sustainable future.


Charlotte Thursz
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