PLUS magazine

We are proud to present the second issue of PLUS, our magazine with a positive impact.

Conveying our entrepreneurial spirit and our sense of commitment, PLUS is aimed at our teams and all those concerned with positively transforming water management and waste recycling. 

Raising the profile of our actions and commitments around the world

Throughout the pages, we wanted to give to see (and to hear, through the audio version available via QR code), all the actions carried out by the Group around the world. Our magazine promotes projects that reflect the commitments of SUEZ and its 40,000 employees. A way to highlight the investment of our teams and the importance of all our businesses.

Thanks to this highlighting of our achievements, everyone can learn about the latest SUEZ news; short and illustrated articles allow an accessible reading to all. As with the first issue, we have designed a different cover for each region of the globe. It's our investment in preserving water that is magnified here, showcasing this precious resource so essential to human well-being.

The expertise of our collaborators serving the environment

In a changing world, facing significant ecological and societal challenges, SUEZ is a key player in environmental services. The magazine gives a wide overview on 40 pages of discovery, with more innovations, more actions to serve more and more projects with lasting effects. 

Whether it's investing in a sustainable solution to climate change in Canada, tackling major challenges to transform the water sector in Central Asia, securing the metal supplies needed for the energy transition in Europe, or rehabilitating tons of items for re-use in the UK, the Group illustrates itself with effective actions encouraging new practices and energies. A pedagogical approach also allows a better understanding of everyone’s job and how they fit into the essential services provided by SUEZ for more than 160 years.  

So many subjects that deserve to be known to appreciate the expertise and commitment of the women and men who work every day for more positive impact.