We have a unique opportunity to build a green recovery. The health crisis must serve as an accelerator for environmental transition. SUEZ is launching #LeadTheChange, a global movement with all its stakeholders. Join us!
Following the health crisis, environmental issues were relegated to the background, and despite this, we have witnessed the positive effects that lockdown has had on the environment: a return of biodiversity, a decrease in pollution, the backward date of overshoot day, etc.

Economic recovery is now a priority, but at SUEZ we believe that it must also be accompanied by a green recovery. If economic and social inaction has had a positive impact on nature, economic recovery must lead us to continue to act in favor of the environment in order not to wipe out all the benefits we have derived from it. 

This is why we invite you to join this global movement with all our stakeholders around #LeadTheChange, to share your positive initiatives & the commitments we are setting ourselves to accompany this Green Recovery, and inspire others to join the cause.

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