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The SUEZ Foundation publishes its 2023 annual report

Today, it is still imperative for everyone to take action to ensure access to water, and more generally to essential services, in emerging and developing countries.

In France, supporting the players working for a fair ecological transition that guarantees the inclusion of the most vulnerable is a major priority.

The SUEZ FOUNDATION has published its annual report, highlighting the remarkable work of its partners, NGOs and associations, who are committed to providing very concrete responses to these two challenges, responses to the fragility and crises affecting communities and individuals.
The SUEZ Foundation supports various models for providing access to essential services. Support for NGOs and major support for Aquassistance, the NGO for SUEZ employees and retirees, which works in partnership with local NGOs. The Foundation also supports the AgroParisTech "SUEZ-Eau pour Tous" Chair, which it co-created in 2007 with AgroParisTech, in partnership with AFD, and which trains service managers in Asian and African metropolises in strategic and sustainable vision.

This report is also an opportunity to thank the SUEZ employees who have been committed to SUEZ for many years. Today, this commitment is further strengthened by the "Employee Commitment Charter", which will be deployed throughout the company in 2023 to reinforce this commitment.

As part of the new strategy defined at the end of 2023, the Foundation's three areas of intervention are now grouped around two axes:

On the one hand, in developing countries where SUEZ is present, improving access to essential water, sanitation and hygiene services for the most vulnerable.
Secondly, in France, the fair ecological transition and social inclusion, by supporting projects that combine social impact with environmental impact.
In a global context of crisis and conflict, the Foundation continues to support emergency and post-emergency humanitarian operations in the field of access to essential services.

Today, the SUEZ Foundation is developing exchanges and cooperation with a number of foundations, particularly within the circle of foundations. The aim is to share practices and issues at both national and local level, so that together we can meet the major challenges facing our society.


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