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SUEZ Hosts Inaugural AQUADVANCED® User Forum 2024: A Showcase of Innovation and Success

SUEZ  recently hosted its first-ever AQUADVANCED® User Forum 2024. The event brought together the AQUADVANCED® team and utility clients from across the UK and beyond, providing a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration.
The forum kicked off with an in-depth overview of the AQUADVANCED® Water Supply and its various components. The team highlighted the latest updates and future plans for the software, as well as the different digital tools under the AQUADVANCED® trademark, including Urban Drainage, Water Networks, and Plant.

One of the day's highlights was the sharing of client experiences. Bristol Water, serving a population of 1.2 million, showcased how they use the software to optimize their network, which produces 280 MLD of water from 15 sources and flows through 116 controllable assets. They demonstrated the software's interface and explained how it has significantly improved their network's resilience, making it easier to detect pipe bursts and leakages.

Team members from Anglian Water presented their Strategic Pipeline project, highlighting the challenges of balancing supply and cost reduction targets while managing risks. They shared how the AQUADVANCED® Production Planning software has streamlined their previously Excel and PowerBI-based planning process, saving time and resources.

Metropolitana Milanese shared their six-year experience with AQUADVANCED® Water Supply. Despite the challenges of serving a population of 2 million with negligible storage, AQUADVANCED® WATER SUPPLY has successfully produced efficient pumping schedules, resulting in an impressive 11.2% reduction in energy usage.

The Tarragona Consortium shared their success story of using AQUADVANCED® WATER SUPPLY across their wide network of 405 km of pipes. The software has helped them reduce water supply and delivery costs and implement advanced hourly tariffs, and is now enabling them to optimize their use of solar versus network power.

The forum also featured a presentation on the combined usage of AQUADVANCED® Water Supply with Inflowmatix® devices and software. This combination helps utilities avoid abrupt pressure changes in their networks, enhancing the existing measures to avoid bursts and reducing wear and tear.

The event included roundtable discussions on the challenges of digitalization and environmental protection, with a focus on production planning, cloud migration, and green energy. The discussions underscored the common goals of increased optimization, digital transformation, energy conservation, and climate change adaptation.

The AQUADVANCED® User Forum 2024 proved to be a successful platform for sharing client success stories and gathering valuable feedback. The insights gained will undoubtedly influence the future development of SUEZ's products, ensuring they continue to meet the evolving needs of their clients. The event was a testament to the power of active participation and collaboration in driving innovation and success in the utility sector.