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Davos., Switzerland
  • Bertrand Camus has spoken on Tuesday 21 January at the World Economic Forum in Davos in the session ‘Responding to a global water crisis’.
  • Speakers

    A round table will bring together the following speakers from 4:45 to 6:00 pm: 
    • Bertrand Camus, CEO of SUEZ
    • Douglas M. Baker Jr, Chairman and CEO Ecolab USA
    • James Quincey, Chairman and CEO Coca-Cola Company USA
    • Karolina Eklöw, Global Shaper Stockholm Hub
    • Ma Jun, Director, Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, People's Republic of China


    The round table will be facilitated by Jane Nelson, Director, Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School.



    Focus on some SUEZ solutions for preserving water resources and creating new ones

    With population growth, increasing urbanisation and climate change, the pressure on water resources is high. By 2030, the number of people living in regions affected by high water stress is expected to increase by one billion to 3.9 billion, out of a total world population of 8.1 billion. 40% of the water needs of local authorities and industry will not be met by fresh water resources.  

    We are developing innovative solutions to preserve existing water resources and create new ones. Artificial aquifer recharge, desalination and reuse of treated wastewater are all solutions that can make up for water shortages in regions affected by water shortage and drought. Read more

    Only 3% of the volume of water on Earth is fresh. Salt water is an essential natural resource for producing drinking water. Reverse osmosis desalination can provide long-term security of drinking water supply in coastal regions lacking fresh water.

    We also offer local authorities a wide range of technical solutions for reusing purified wastewater. In particular, this makes it possible to increase the available resource at a lower cost for agricultural and industrial uses, for road cleaning or even for artificial aquifer recharge.   

    Photograph: ©World Economic Forum / Ciaran McCrickard
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