Our purpose

For 160 years, water, sanitation, waste collection and recovery activities and services have been essential. SUEZ draws on the expertise it has been developing since the late 19th century to help people constantly improve their quality of life by protecting their health and supporting economic growth.
Our purpose
SUEZ draws on the expertise it has been developing since the late 19th century to help people constantly improve their quality of life by protecting their health and supporting economic growth.

We work to provide access to essential environmental services for everyone. We supply high-quality water, suited to every type of use, and ensure the protection of this common good. We recover wastewater and waste to convert them into new resources.

Faced with demographic growth, climate change, and social and geographical inequalities, people are increasingly exposed to the consequences of the environmental emergency that is affecting our planet.
Every single day, SUEZ commits to preserving the fundamental elements of our environment - water, soil, and air - that ensure our future.
At SUEZ, we invest in preserving and restoring natural capital, and in the future of biodiversity, both on land and at sea.

As a committed partner to local communities, industry players and citizens, SUEZ mobilises stakeholders to succeed in the environmental transition, developing circular business models and innovating to plan for tomorrow’s challenges.

Proud of their work and strengthened by their values, SUEZ’s teams based in regions throughout the world are shaping a sustainable environment, now.

Our purpose: shaping a sustainable environment, now! - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

For 160 years, water, sanitation, waste collection and recovery activities have been essential:

To quality of life

To health

66 million
people served by drinking water production plants operated by SUEZ
4.2 million
tonnes of CO2 avoided on behalf of the Group’s customers

To economic growth

To create new resources

of renewable energy produced
2 million
tonnes of secondary raw materials produced
Acting today and for tomorrow

Preserving the essential elements of our environment

Faced with demographic growth, climate change and social and geographical inequalities, it is fundamental to preserve and restore the essential elements of our environment – water, soil, air - thanks to concrete and resilient solutions:


The Pau biofactory

Operation and transformation of a wastewater decontamination plant into a key site for the local initiative for climate change adaptation.

The project includes two global technology firsts that will considerably increase the quantity of biomethane produced by the new methanation plant.


Soil decontamination to preserve urban buildings and historic heritage

SUEZ is drawing on over 40 years of experience in soil remediation to help its customers restore land and achieve their sustainable development objectives.

In China, SUEZ took part in preparing the Rehabilitation Plan for Polluted Soil and Groundwater Remediation for Plot 604 – Gold Pen Factory in the Shanghai Taopu Smart City Core Area.
The Group used in situ remediation, which involves processes such as determining the positions of wells, drilling wells, installing extraction and injection systems, injecting chemical products and extracting. SUEZ was thus able to decontaminate the polluted soil and provided monitoring and follow-up services after maintenance.

SUEZ successfully rehabilitated 1,364 m2 of soil and 5,466 m3 of groundwater and preserved the original building, which met the criteria for reuse.



SUEZ innovates to purify the air and guarantee access to high-quality air, by capturing fine particles in the most sensitive areas. Our AirAdvanced-InspiR® solution absorbs the fine particles, nitrogen dioxide and volatile organic compounds present in the atmosphere in order to create “pure air bubbles” in the most sensitive areas such as in school playgrounds. It combines leading-edge technologies with micro-algae grown in a water column which, through photosynthesis, capture CO2 and other forms of atmospheric pollution.
The group is also committed to the preservation of BIODIVERSITY at sea and on land.

Dragonfly zones

The Dragonfly zones are wetlands placed downstream of the wastewater treatment plant, that eliminate micropollutants to preserve aquatic environments and biodiversity.
Anticipating tomorrow’s challenges

Innovating and envisioning new contractual models with our clients and stakeholders

SUEZ offers its high level of expertise and innovative technologies to local authorities, proposing a wide range of customizable partnerships to match their requirements and local regulations. Contractual innovation, combined with technological, societal and digital innovation, is our trademark.

In Dakar (Senegal): high-quality water for everyone and digital excellence at the heart of our service

This 15-year lease contract guarantees the supply of drinking water to a population of approximately seven million inhabitants in Dakar and in several other cities. SUEZ provides access to high-quality water for the greatest number, excellent service and sustainable results. Emphasis has been placed on innovation, with the opening of a Research and Innovation Centre in Dakar in partnership with Senegalese universities.

In Dijon and Angers (France): a connected management of public spaces and essential services with citizens

SUEZ works with local authorities and citizens to develop digital platforms with new online services, such as the Smart City project in Dijon and Angers.

In Meknes (Morocco): a new development model with a retraining programme for rag men

SUEZ rehabilitated the household waste storage site in Meknes and created an elimination and recovery centre. SUEZ helped the 150 informal waste collectors to set up a cooperative for sorters in order to keep their activity going, to provide an income in the long term, while also improving their working and safety conditions.
Each and every of those commitments have been made possible thanks to the engagement of the 35,000 employees of the Group from all regions and strengthened by their values: passion for the environment, customer first, respect and team spirit.