Water is essential and our resources are becoming weaker every day. Water is threatened by demographic growth, climate disturbances and exponential urban development; it is a major cause for concern for authorities, professional users and consumers. Water is a finite source and its use is of particular importance to SUEZ, throughout the cycle of its capture in the natural environment for the production of drinking water, through to the discharge of decontaminated wastewater. SUEZ proposes technologies and services to reconcile efficient human activities with the preservation of the planet’s natural capital.

Consider water as a common asset to be preserved

Urban development, demographic growth and climate change have serious impacts on stocks of resources around the world, in particular on water. We are an increasingly higher number of people to share water resources, which at the same time, are becoming increasingly scarce. In order to preserve our way of life, our consumer habits and production systems, it is essential to preserve our water resources.


Our aspirations to protect the environment are intensifying and both consumers and water treatment operators are taking action in favour of a sustainable water cycle management.

of the world's population will live in an area subject to water stress in 2035.
is the quantity of water available per year and per inhabitant, below which a region is said to suffer from water stress.
of drinking water consumed in the world comes from wells.

Protect water throughout its cycle

Making a collective effort to protect the quality and quantity of our water resources has become a priority. This is why SUEZ deploys a global approach taking into account the whole water cycle. 


To foster the development of environmentally-sound solutions and look forward to changes in regulatory requirements, SUEZ assists decision-makers and operators in the sustainable management of water resources based on a circular economy model.

Water and circles

Protect the natural environment

We deliver efficient solutions to produce drinking water responsibly, collect and treat wastewater and stormwater , recharge water tables and continuously monitor natural environments and biodiversity.
Health labatory

Control the quality of water

Our solutions enables you to have  a global vision of water management. We deploy sensors in the natural environment, inside factories and across the water network to measure the water quality in real time. 

Protect and preserve the coastline and oceans

50% of cases of bathing site water pollution are due to failures in the sewerage system. We deliver preventive and corrective solutions to protect coastlines and bathing sites. 
Optimise water consumption

Optimise water consumption

We act in close cooperation with consumers to enable them to manage their water use responsibly. We also aid farmers and industrial companies to preserve water in order to secure the productivity and profitability of their activities. 
 Agricultural watering

Reuse wastewater

In order to assist local authorities with their sustainable water management policies, SUEZ offers numerous technical solutions for reusing purified wastewater.  

Supporting you throughout the water cycle

From consulting to after-sales services, we bring you our expertise to carry out your projects