Advantages for drinking water:

  • Adaptation to the specificities of each plant's processes
  • Optimum reagent dosage injection
  • Water quality compliance monitoring
  • Optimisation of membrane maintenance

Advantages for waste water:

  • Treated water compliance monitoring
  • Optimisation of the main treatment processes in each area (water, sludge, air)
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment conditions to predict required maintenance and prioritise replacements
  • Dispersion systems for odor nuisances


  • Real-time monitoring and precise analysis of compliance, effectiveness of interventions, operating costs and treatment process efficiency, etc.
  • Early detection of deviations, contextual alerts and risk anticipation of process and equipment anomalies
  • Smart alarm management: urgency allocation, filtering and grouping
  • Analysis and performance overviews customised for each operator
  • Real time, multi-plant dashboard shared among stakeholders
  • Preventive maintenance, tailored to the condition of the equipment
  • Equipment ageing modelling and calculation of replacement strategies
  • Calculation of optimised operational strategies
  • Modules for treatment process optimisation and control
  • Optimised consumption of energy and reagents


Credit: SUEZ group

Success cases

  • STEP Biarritz: detection of an energy over-consumption by a ventilator resulting in some 14% saving over 75 000 kWh/year

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