Your challenges

Being able to anticipate your bursts is key to ensure the continuity of the service and to optimize your CAPEX allocation.

Inspect and invest at the right place, at the right time thanks to a data-driven assessment of your network

Having a long track record of co-creation with our clients and partners, we developed solutions by a water operator for water operators. Our Net Vision solution allows you to inspect and invest at the right place, at the right time thanks to a data-driven assessment of your network.

1°) Basic renewal plan: map the risks of failure in the future
  • We provide a degradation model of your network and risk evolution.
2°) Advanced condition assessment
  • Inspection analytics: get a reliable assessment of the current state of your whole network
    We implement the cross-fertilization of field inspection results and data analytics for a current state assessment.
  • Field inspection technologies: collect all the possible information from your network combined with Condition Assessment Technologies and SUEZ expertise.
Pipes' inspection
Non-intrusive and non-destructive. High definition
Sampling services
Lab test to determine probable cause of degradation and remaining lifetime
Asset surveys
Asset inventory, pipe detection, leak detection, GIS surveys
Pipes' monitoring
Real-time monitoring of Cumulated Pressure Induced Stress (CPIS)
3°) Optimized renewal plan
  • We provide optimization algorithms combining criticality and geo-spatial grouping to produce a tailor-made renewal plan.

Your benefits

By choosing Net Vision, you benefit from an end-to-end solution from field services to consulting and software solution.
  • Lever our numerous references in pipe condition assessment; choose from a wide range of inspection solutions adapted to your network conditions;
  • Use rapid inspection and AI capabilities to have a complete quick assessment of your network;
  • Measure the impact of your investment decisions on your service level.
CAPEX savings
Burst reduction
Risk reduction
Improvement of the network knowledge
Efficiency improvement




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