Your challenges

Pipe bursts represent a major part of the maintenance costs (repair and renewal) of drinking water networks and the resulting leaks are responsible for 2/3 of the Non-Revenue Water. Preventing pipe bursts is a key component of the water business OPEX. Pressure variations and pressure transients are important factors of mechanical stress leading to pipe bursts.

Optimize the pressure of your network to prevent bursts and reduce leakages while extending assets lifespan​

Calm Network is a global approach that can be implemented in three steps:
1°) Intelligence acquisition: make the invisible visible thanks to sensors
  • We install a new generation of high-frequency sensors developed by Inflowmatix at the right place and collect data to locate stress zones.
2°) Calmness achievement: redesign operations to achieve calmness
  • We optimize network configuration and implement new equipment to reduce stress to its minimum.
3°) Calmness sustainability: maintain calmness thanks to real-time pressure management
  • We optimize pressure permanently and anticipate pressure anomalies via algorithms and AI.



Reduce water losses by 20%



Reduce burst rate by 10%

Your benefits

By choosing Calm Network, you benefit from a tailor-made solution to reduce losses and bursts (and the associated OPEX), and extend your asset lifespan, reducing the network renewal needs (and the associated CAPEX). This unique combination of cutting-edge technology and human expertise will solve your network pressure issues.
OPEX saving
Real losses reduction
Reduction of interruptions of supply
Extend your asset lifespan
Detect and anticipate pressure issues

Our references

In France, preserving water resources in 31 towns in the Versailles area

How: Preventing pipe bursts by optimizing pressure management, and detecting leaks thanks to 700 connected sensors on the drinking water network of the Aquavesc water syndicate, supplying 520,000 inhabitants in the Yvelines and Hauts-de-Seine regions.
“Calm Network will enable us to interpret the data from our sensors and avoid major pressure variations. This will limit damage to the pipes, and will also be beneficial for the user, who will have a more regular pressure at the tap”, Erik Linquier, President of the Aquavesc water syndicate

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