• Thanks to its advanced functionalities and remote control, it limits the need for emergency interventions by agents in the field
  • It solves frequent problems (clogging, debris accumulation...) and avoids critical mechanical incidents
  • The equipment's lifespan is improved

ARMELE, the smart cabinet for wastewater treatment - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group


Armele is equipped with a PLC to optimize the local control and also allows a remote control / monitoring

  • De-sludging function : Direct and reverse rotation of the pumps
  • Drainage function: Periodic total emptying
  • Anti-grease function: Variation of the tidal thresholds to avoid the formation of a grease ring
  • Data visualization on site or from a control center
  • Measurement and transmission of hydraulic and electrical process data (levels, faults, calculated flow rates, pump intensity, etc.)
  • Automatic degraded mode (in case of PLC failure)
  • Alarms and threshold settings locally or from a control center (start/stop, cleaning threshold, time...)
  • Flow calculation to meet self-monitoring or permanent diagnostic requirements

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