Our solutions

Implement advanced technologies

Our wastewater plants benefit from innovative techniques and achieve high-performance and reliable treatment. 
  • Complete water treatment processes that use optimised technologies at every step: from screening to polishing, sand removal, degreasing, settling, biological treatment, decanting and tertiary treatments
  • A wide range of quality tertiary treatment solutions: settling by lamellar settling (Densadeg), clarification by sand filtration (Aquazur V), clarification by filtration on expanded polystyrene (Filtrazur), adsorption of micropollutants on activated carbon (Pulsagreen), ultrafiltration with interchangeable modules (Ultrablue Smartrack)

Adapt the treatment systems to the local context

We design and combine more or less complex water treatment processes adapted to each site and its priorities.
  • Adjust your treatment techniques to the quality of your effluents and the sensitivity of the receiving water
  • Strike the best balance between quality, price, operating costs, energy efficiency and environmental footprint
  • Adapt your treatment process to the high variability of the collected effluents

Make sure that your plants operate correctly in compliance with health and environmental standards

We control and optimise facilities, we set up preventive maintenance plans to guarantee the longevity of plants and to conserve legacy assets.
Fully compliant with health and environmental standards, our wastewater treatment facilities guarantee the quality required for the receiving natural medium or the uses as recycled water, and guarantee that the standards applying to discharges are met. Finally, we design and build wastewater plants with optimised investment and operating costs.