• Detecting anomalies and contributing to network performance
  • Resource preservation
  • Savings and confidence thanks to daily consumption monitoring by type of use
  • Limitation of the number of interventions in the field
  • Secure income (limit the number of rebates, make metering more reliable, etc.)
  • Comfort thanks to automatic and remote meter reading


With over 15 years of experience and more than 6 million smart meters, SUEZ provides its customers with real expertise across the entire data value chain: supply of connected devices, deployment of IoT networks with the Wize technology, data science and processing of collected data, software publishing and mobile applications.

The ON'connect™ metering is a concrete action tool for an efficient water management. Thanks to the analysis of data from smart meters, SUEZ has developed digital services that help local authorities and users to control their consumption and detect water leaks.

Open and scalable, ON'connect™ metering is a solution adapted to all territories and already equips over 6 million water meters.
  • Sizing and project management of the deployment of communicating devices
  • Provision of key indicators for water utilities: calibration alerts, wear and tear, backflow, freezing, blockage, breakage
  • Native interfacing with main customer management and billing softwares on the market
  • Integration of water consumption data in the AQUADVANCED® Water Networks software for network efficiency optimisation
  • Alerts in case of leak or overconsumption Accurate monitoring of water consumption and uses according to business

Success cases

  • Water Service Corporation - Island of Malta: 250,000 communicating water meters
  • OVAK, Ostrava - Czech Republic: 32,000 communicating water meters 
  • Régaz, Bordeaux - France: Supply of the communication network for 235,000 gas meters
  • Le Mans Metropole - France: 120,000 meters
  • Mulhouse - France: 40,000 meters 
  • Mont de Marsan - France: 28,000 communicating water meters 
  • GRDF - France: specification of the communicating chain of 11 million communicating gas meters

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