To create value through sludge destruction

As part of an initiative to protect the environment, SUEZ prefers sludge destruction solutions with limited impacts and that create value. The destruction of sludge from residual waters can produce steam or electricity.

The sludge destruction processes deployed by SUEZ can:


 Destroy sludge

The water evaporates and the organic matter is burnt.


Limit the impact on the environment 
Our solutions are compact and have limited footprints. They reduce polluting emissions, gaseous discharge and olfactory nuisances. Finally, they are energy-efficient.


Produce steam or electricity
Some of our solutions can produce steam or electricity using the heat from the process.

Incineration of sludge from wastewater

SUEZ can offer proven processes that are constantly improved and that effectively meet your need to digest the sludge produced by the wastewater treatment.

SUEZ can offer two types of sludge destruction processes:

  1. pressurised processes that oxidise and gasify the sludge
  2. processes at atmospheric pressure based on the destruction of the bonds constituting the organic matter in the sludge


Amongst the many technologies used for the incineration or thermal decomposition of sludge, SUEZ has opted for Thermylis. 

In this process, the sludge is incinerated in a fluidised bed oven. The water evaporates and the organic matter burns, reducing the inert sludge to less than 7% of its initial weight. 

Thermylis transforms sludge into a nuisance-free product that can potentially be recovered.