ON’connect™ trends: IoT for the Environment For a sustainable city

Thanks to the analysis of data from communicating water meters and artificial intelligence, ON'connect™ trends offers a global and precise vision of water consumption in the territory.
ON'connect™ trends is a dashboard that allows you to monitor and act on water consumption on a territory scale. The solution measures the impact of different water uses over time to better understand consumption trends and provide the keys to act and implement the most appropriate public policies. Thanks to performance indicators and analyses by theme (watering, domestic hot water...), ON'connect™ trends is the essential tool for any territory wishing to improve its network efficiency after meter and significantly reduce its environmental impact.
  • Identification and analysis of water leaks after meter
  • Global vision on the territory's frequentation
  • Measurement of the uses linked to the seasonality and particularly to watering
  • Analysis of the efficiency of hot water consumption
  • Reduction of post-meter leaks by identifying the most important leaks and treating them as a priority
  • Controlling consumption peaks related to watering, monitoring the impact of drought decrees 
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint and domestic consumption through a change in behavior, particularly in the use of sanitary hot water
Success cases
Syndicat du Bas Languedoc: 3% reduction in post-meter leaks following an outbound call campaign based ON’connect™'s analyses
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