ON’connect™ coach: offer an eco-consumption service to your users

ON'connect™ coach is a digital service available through an online account or a mobile application. Resulting from the ON'connect™ metering solution, providing a wealth of indicators, it is free for users and can be integrated into a customer relations portal (billing, online payment, etc.) or a more complete application including, for example, information on the quality of the water served.
Residents and businesses receive a detailed daily report on their consumption in order to better understand it. They are also warned in case of leaks or overconsumption in order to control their bills. Once personalised by the user, the service provides advice on how to adopt eco-responsible habits. Residents benefit from tips on how to use the most important item of hot water in the home, the daily washing. Companies get indicators specific to their activities (tertiary, landlords, management of green spaces). Private and professional users thus reduce their water and energy consumption, save money and contribute to the environmental transition of the territory.

ON'connect™ coach (english version) - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

ON'connect™ coach provides:
  • Daily and detailed consumption overview
  • Comparison of consumption over the year with the previous year
  • Analysis of water consumption according to the main categories of use Calculation of the amount of the next water bill
  • Personalised assessment of the level of consumption (economical, average, high)
  • For households: practical tips for daily washing (reduce shower time, renew equipment, etc.)
  • For companies: key indicators according to the activity carried out (e.g. calculation of the number of residents for landlords)
  • Responding to the demand for environmental measures
  • Leading the environmental transition of the territory and empowering users
  • Enhancing the value of the water service through new benefits for residents and businesses
  • Modernisation of the water service
  • Improving the environmental impact of the community
Success cases
  • Valenciennes - France: 80 000 users
  • Maubeuge - France: 47 000 users