The Mława wastewater treatment plant in Poland, an exemplary Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

The wastewater treatment plant in Mława is a project implemented under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) formula, with the joint implementation of a project based on the division of tasks and risks between the public entity and the private partner.

To meet the wastewater management requirements of the City of Mława

After 25 years of operation of the existing municipal wastewater treatment plant, Mława faced a new challenge: the need to build a new plant. This was due to the insufficient capacity of the treatment plant and the aspiration to comply with the highest environmental standards.

The construction of a new wastewater treatment plant exceeded the financial capabilities of the City's budget, and accordingly the Mayor of Mława proposed a public-private partnership.

Requirements of the City:

  • Rapid modernisation of wastewater treatment plants,
  • Increase in the number of connections to the network of residents,
  • Maintenance of tariffs at acceptable levels.


In July 2016, SUEZ signed a contract for the design, construction and operation of a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant with the provision of financing.

Contractual parameters:

  • Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant
  • Ensuring funding for project implementation
  • Lease and operation of the old plant
  • Operation of the new plant
  • Ensuring a stable and predictable tariff throughout the contractual term


Recruitment of personnel with the provision of a 5-year employment and salary guarantee.

  • Duration: 33 years
  • Scope: treatment of wastewater from the entire Municipality
  • Demolition of the old plant.
  • After the contractual period, transfer of the EIA to the Municipality.



length of contract


commissioning of the new treatment plant

Our solution

The Public-Private Parternship (PPP), a win-win solution

Benefits that PPP gives to local authorities

  • opportunity to reduce the public debt
  • opportunity to raise capital for investment
  • opportunity to attract an industrial partner and improve service quality
  • access to the best technology
  • significant reduction of risk in local authorities' own tasks

PPP in Mława

Contribution of public partner: land for construction and guarantee of wastewater supply.
Private partner's contribution: the entire investment and ensuring proper operation.
Our activities

Implementation of the Public-Private Partnership agreement in Mława

  1. Completion of construction and handover of a new Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant that meets the highest quality standards, in accordance with the goals and timetable of the contract,
  2. Developing and providing new prospects for the Company's local personnel,
  3. Providing the Public Partner with a stable and predictable tariff,
  4. SUEZ's contribution to the lives of Residents and the City:
  • Supporting culture and local sports,
  • Activities to promote environmental protection
  • Active participation in the social life of the City - supporting local initiatives


million PLN

investment cost



period of construction of the new plant


million m3

of water treated per year