SUEZ is shortlisted 4 times for the 2023 Global Water Awards

SUEZ is shortlisted 4 times for the 2023 Global Water Awards (including the prestigious Zero Champion Carbon award) for which Global Water Intelligence (GWI) subscribers can now vote on up until the 20th of April:
- Shortlisted for the “Water Reuse Project of the Year”: SUEZ Boneo Water Recycling Plant in Australia. The plant's upgrade to increase its production capacity by 50% includes numerous innovative technologies for energy efficiency, as well as biogas-driven combined heat and power, contributing to the region's ecological transition.

- Shorlisted also for the “Industrial Project of the Year” award with the Shenghong refinery treatment plant in China. This plant serves the Shenghong Refining and Petrochemical Integrated Complex in Lianyungang and embraces the philosophy of “use waste to treat waste”. It is seen as a forerunner in the industry, achieving an 84% reclamation rate and meeting a discharge target of 30mg/l COD, all while saving 30% on energy consumption and 40% on ozone consumption, marking a devastatingly effective performance level in a taxing industry for water handling.

- For the “Smart Water Project of the Year” award, we have SUEZ’s Echologics X PUB Intelligent Network Renewal Programme implanted in Singapore. Combining expertise through using SUEZ’s smart analytical platform alongside Echologics and PUB’s pipe replacement strategy, leakage dropped from 22 leaks/100 km/year in 2015 to only 12 leaks/100 km last year!

- Moreover, SUEZ is shortlisted as the esteemed “Zero Carbon Champion”. With a net-zero roadmap of substance and clear deliverables, SUEZ has made sure all its commitments are clearly measurable, with concrete outcomes, affirming its presence and ambition. Our scale gives us unique opportunities for synergies and internal offsetting to reduce carbon emissions across the business, as well as reducing emissions through renewable energy, increasing water savings, and avoiding micropollutants. We are also committed to investing €40 million a year into research and development for carbon capture technologies.