SUEZ awarded by AFNOR for its ON'connect™ smart metering solution

On 13 October AFNOR rewarded SUEZ for the ON'connect™ smart metering solution at the 2022 AFNOR Gold Norms Award Ceremony, which distinguishes projects that have contributed to the axes of the French standardisation strategy.
The ON'connect™ smart metering solution, developed for more than a decade by SUEZ, a pioneer in the field and the European leader in smart water metering systems with 5.6 million meters deployed, enables remote reading of all types of meters. There are many benefits for both site managers and users: actual billing of consumption, better detection of leaks, and more effective protection of water resources and their environment.

The Mont de Marsan water authority especially has deployed it to its 22,000 users, allowing them to be alerted immediately in the event of a leak and to be billed for the actual amount without being disturbed when their meter is read.

The AFNOR Gold Standards Trophy was awarded in recognition of SUEZ's contribution to improving European standards in the field of smart metering and to the widespread distribution of these standards in the water, gas and electricity sectors. These norms provide a standard for quality and performance, guarantee the level of compatibility of the technologies used and their interoperability, and thus facilitate technical exchanges and commercial relations.

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